Confronting and accepting my suffering allowed me to move forward and fully embrace the guidance of my Neuro Psychologist, Dr. Olcese.  Trying to avoid medication, I began a strict routine focused on pace, nutrition, meditation, sleep and exercise.  Dr. O guided me into this new way of being.  There was total structure...from the moment I woke up to the moment I fell asleep.  HUGE shift as pre accident, structure was a four letter word.

The first thing to change was my alarm.   It was now loud and offensive.  By chance I found the Bedtime App on my iphone.  The alarm starts very soft and slow and builds up with a soothing tone.  It lulls me out of sleep just as one might be lulled in....much gentler on the brain...and the being.

The inability to wake up and jump out of bed guided me to a new way of entering each day.  As I'm lulled out of sleep, I stay still and allow myself the time to fully wake into thought.  Once I do, I sit up and read my affirmation.   At first it was difficult for me to read so I recorded the affirmation on my iphone and played it aloud.  Either way, it took hold and now sets the stage for every day....a affirmation...a prayer.

Mine is as follows but you can also find something that resonates with you.  



You will be amazed at the magic that happens when you give yourself a powerful message at the start of every day...before anything can come your ground yourself in your truth.  

I look forward to hearing what you choose!




March 12, 2017 by Peggy OKelly