It started over twenty years ago in a tiny storefront in  the South of France. I do not remember the name  of the street or even the town.  Something inside tells me that I could find it again but I’m not sure how...or if it is even still there.  The memory of the  store itself has faded a bit but the inspiration remains as strong as it was on that day…the day I wandered into the little shop in the South of France.  

As I entered the store and took my first breath, I was transported into the lavender fields that surrounded us. Knowing I could not stay in the fields forever, I slowly came back to center.  I was immediately drawn to the old ceramic bowl filled with lavender flowers.  Inside the bowl was a small spoon and some empty muslin bags.  I used the spoon to scoop the lavender and then let it fall back into the bowl...sensory overload.  My eyes wandered away from the flowers and onto an old rack that was framed with branches…inside were candles, sachets, oils…showcasing the star of the show...lavenderI looked at every product in detail and felt the goodness…romance….peace.  I knew some day I would recreate this experience and transport all who were willing back to the lavender fields of the South of France.  I did not disclose my thoughts to anyone.  I tucked them away neatly into my heart without any expectation….knowing some day it would present itself.  My life at the time was very full as I was building St. Helena Olive Oil Co. and raising my two girls.   Time passed quickly and the Olive Oil Company and my girls continued to grow.  I sold some local bath products in my stores…trying to give some traction to my dream…but nothing seemed quite right.   The products were all lovely but none brought me back to my tiny space in the South of France.  Despite the emptiness, I continued on my path.....pulling out my dream every now and then when I needed an escape.....and tucking it back safely away....without a wordYears after that fateful day in the South of France, my phone rang.   It was Sharon Kahn.  She began the conversation something like this,  "Hi. My name is Sharon Kahn and someone told me to call you because we just purchased a second home in the western hills of the Napa Valley and we have over 15,000 organic lavender plants and distillation equipment, and…..”   I interrupted her mid sentence and let her know that I knew exactly what property she was talking about. It was one of three properties in the Napa Valley that were farming organic lavender...they were all on my radar.   She went on to say that they knew little about lavender and they were not planning on going into business.  She continued to speak about the property but I did not hear a word over the sound of the adrenaline gushing through my veins.  As she was talking, I was coaxing myself down….stay calm….stay professional….when I really just wanted to shout,  “Are you kidding me?!!!  Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this call?!  Do you know how amazing this will be?!  We could do this and that and this and that and this and that!!!!!!   I did maintain my composure and agreed to meet to discuss the opportunity in greater detail.  As I hung up the phone, my head dropped down and my eyes filled with tears.  I was overcome with those feelings that were oh so familiar...the goodness....the romance....the peace.  The time had come.Napa Valley Bath Co. has stayed true to its origin...creating products that are full of goodness, romance and peace.  Grab a cup of lavender tea, sit back and let us transport you to the lavender fields of the Napa