It seems somewhat surreal to be writing about a relaunch of Napa Valley Bath Co.  Never would I have imagined the last two years...the accident...the brain injury...the pulling out from under me all I had known...including myself.   Shutting down the business was a difficult decision as I was nourished by these products..and speaking our message...but I had no choice but to put my brain...first.

I was determined to do everything I could, under supervision of my doctor, to heal naturally...and it took more then I had.  This is where these ladies..and you..stepped in.  My mom never let me forget what I was made of.....and my girls provided the inspiration I needed to keep moving forward...and gave me hope with all of your kind, supportive emails and love of our products.  All combined kept me putting one foot in front of the other...and here we are...almost two years later...and ready to begin again.  

I've had a lot of time for reflection in the last two years and I am excited to dig deep into our online experience and product development.  We will move forward in the spirit of Thich Nhat Hanh....Smile. Breathe. and Go Slowly.   We are starting with our core products and will roll more out as time allows.  

I will be releasing some new products that I developed in the last two years to help relieve stress and headaches.  I'm more excited then ever to continue this partnership with Mother Nature as my ongoing healing is a testimony to the power of the medicines that She provides.

I'm also ready to tell my story through our blog.  It is a very personal journey but I've learned so much about optimum brain, body, and soul health that I am excited to be able to share it with you.

So thank you!  Thank you for all of your kind words of support...your patience...and your loyalty.  I look forward to walking down this path with you once again and sharing in this ONE wild and precious life!

In gratitude,

Peggy OKelly, Founder