A New Day - Lavender Essence

$ 82.00

Every day is a spa day!  I've combined three of my favorite products that I use to start the day.  A lit candle in the shower room eases the transition into morning...and the aromatherapy and feel of our scrubs sets the stage for a glorious day ahead. 

Because you should only exfoliate every 4-5 days, I alternate my salt and sugar days so I can actually have a experience every 2-3 days ... in other words I use the salt scrub on Mon and Friday and the sugar on Wednesday and Sunday.  Our salt scrubs are for your body where the sugar is for more tender areas such as your face and neck.

A New Day Gift Set includes:

Sugar Scrub 8oz., Salt Scrub 8oz., and an Organic Soy Candle 11oz.