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Napa Valley Organic Lavender Essential Oil

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This is where it all began.  The Kahn lavender for miles...a distillation shed...all led to Napa Valley Bath Co.

Our Napa Valley organic lavender essential oil not only inspired me to begin Napa Valley Bath Co. but also introduced me to the amazing world of botanicals and natural healing.  It is a gift and I'm happy that I can share our limited quantities with you every year. 

As many of you know, this particular oil is distilled from lavender grown organically on the Western hillside of the Napa Valley.  The flowers were distilled on the property.  There is nothing more intoxicating then being immersed in the distillation of lavender..the scent envelopes you and transforms your state of being...much like this scent will do for you all year long.

Lavender is widely used as an herbal medicine.  Few herbs can claim the soothing and relaxing qualities of lavender.  It is a sedative, muscular relaxant, anti-inflammatory, and powerful tonic for the entire system.  It can be used externally for skin conditions such as acne, burns, hair, skin care and inhaled to ease depression, nervous tension and relaxation.  

Because of our limited production, we pack our oil in a dram size amber bottle.  A dram is approximately .0625 of an oz.