Organic Napa Valley Lavender Bundle

$ 12.00

Since the middle ages, the lavender varietal, Hidcote, has been known as the herb of love.  Known for the retention of it's vibrant violet coloring, the Hidcote bundle is perfect for decorating your favorite space and reminding you of the beauty of nature all year long.  To have it mimic a potpourri, simply freshen with a few drops of our Napa Valley organic lavender essential oil every now and then. 

Our Napa Valley organic lavender, Hidcote varietal,  was harvested in the western hills of the Napa Valley.  A small amount of the english varietal was grown specifically for bundles.  The organic lavender is cut and bundled on the Kahn Ranch.  It is hung from the ceiling of the barn until it is ready to be twined and sent off to you!