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Organic Orange Cinnamon Mud Spa Soap

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Our soaps are made from pure certified organic edible plant oils: organic extra virgin olive, organic palm, and organic coconut. The recipes we use create wonderfully moisturizing, gently cleansing soaps with rich lather and pure essential oil aromas.  They are produced locally in small batches to ensure quality.

The rich aromatic spice of cinnamon combines with the earthy pungency of ginger to create a scent that enlivens and invigorates. These essential oils have strong anti-microbial properties. The ground coffee provides a cleansing action and cuts through odiferous oils like garlic, onion, and fish. These qualities make it a great bar for use at the kitchen sink. The sweet citrus of orange and the spice of cinnamon combine in a scent that enlivens and invigorates.
Ingredients:  saponified certified organic extra virgin olive oil, saponified certified organic palm oil and coconut oils, essential oil blend and vitamin E (plant derived, GMO free).